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Enjoy your favorite sports!

Surf at Lagouvardos Beach

Enjoy surf!

  • Lagouvardos is a unique beach of incomparable beauty, which attracts visitors for quiet moments in the blue waters and especially for offering water sports.
  • Throughout the year Lagouvardos is an ideal place for surfing!

Diving in Proti Island

It's time to experience the dizzying experience of scuba diving!

  • Paradise of diving, with visibility reaching sometimes even 30 feet deep a short distance from the shore and underwater life at its best.
  • Vourlia Tigkanakia, Blue Hole, The Cove of Light and "The Valley of the calends" are just some of the names that attract diving enthusiasts, while the wrecks on the island creates a beautiful backdrop for your underwater explorations.

Hiking in Proti Island

The island offers a beautiful hiking trails of various levels. You can enjoy a simple walk, admiring the beauty of the island, or more difficult to follow paths that lead to unique locations on the island.

  • The visitor can admire the spectacular views, the flora and fauna of the island and to visit historical sites and monuments of the ancient Proti.

Golf at Costa Navarino

Enjoy your hobby into a magical environment

  • Two of the most enviable golf courses of our country and the world at The Dunes and The Bay Course at Costa Navarino, you can enjoy your hobby.
  • The stadium is configured to a landscape with diverse topography and views of the sea and the river, includes links to sites that are closer to the sea, while tall dunes dividing some of the holes on the sandy shore.