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Starting from Marathópolis are near beautiful natural areas unparalleled beauty that you can visit.

Waterfall in Valta

An image of rare beauty ...

  • Spring is the best season for loving excursions and a visit to the waterfall swamp.
  • The nature blossoms, the trees are green and the water that comes down from the Father Red is transparent and neat.


In the municipality Voufrados is the canyon of Polilimnio with lakes and waterfalls.

  • In summer there are many who prefer the cool waters of the lakes of Polilimnio to make their bathroom, for example lake Kadoula, which took its name from its shape, which resembles a heart.
  • The small gorges, lush vegetation and beautiful waterfalls will turn a medium difficulty hike 3 km in a unique and unforgettable experience.

Wetland Yalova

The wetland Yalova (Divari) is of particular ecological interest as a milestone of many migratory birds.

  • Between the wetland and the sea behind sydentra junipers and thyme moschomyrista hiding another surprise, the Voidokoilia, a perfectly round beach framed by undulating dunes.
  • The wetland Yalova is a protected area after measured between species have been quite belonging to Greek endangered avifauna.